An utter rascal, but devastatingly cute and he knows it. My little brother Daniel, always “Baby” – I like to plague him with the promise that even when he’s 40, I will call him Baby. A few more snaps from Atlanta. My most favorite thing in the world is to… View Post

This feeling can only be described in the collective memory as summer, with all its interchangeable meanings and memories. A few snaps from last weekend and the fam’s mini vacation to Atlanta and our watery walk in Olympic Park. My brother Daniel could not resist splashing around and I could… View Post

An old post, but I think auspicious enough to inaugurate my new blog, especially since in includes my favorite things: coffee, macaroons and portrait shots.  This, I suppose, is my experiment, phrased in cloudy half-statements: the creation of another world through pictures and sleepy phrases. Like this idyllic evening in… View Post