IMG_0925.2.krPretendLe Petit Cafe CollageIs it just me, or does living in NY make everyone want to quit their day jobs and open a business? I have always personally been fascinated by the hospitality industry – so watch out world, several years down the line I may buy up a ruin in Italy and make a whole destination out of it. This destination will, of course, have a restaurant or café for the patrons. So while I finish school and “find my way,” I figure I might use my time in New York to do some necessary research for my budding dream. Enter Le Petit Café. We were actually going to Buttermilk Channel, that of Beyoncé fame, but predictably the wait was over an hour (and they don’t take reservations) so down the street we went to this charming French-style café with beautiful garden seating.

At first I was worried garden seating meant frying out in the sun while waiting for your brunch fare but no, it’s more like a greenhouse with glass paneled walls and roof that lets in light but leaves your skin UVA-free. There are pillows on the benches, like in that dream vacation home somewhere warm. Tropical plants abound and fun characters waltz by with pancakes and Belgian waffles overflowing with fruit. There’s a separate menu for juices, because it’s Brooklyn, and everything on the menu is amazing, including the chicken and artichoke quiche (not too oily or soggy, as they can sometimes be).

Definitely one to put on the Brooklyn bucket list when looking for a beautiful and relaxing place to have delicious food. Although quick tip, it’s cash only which was only mildly terrifying as I never carry cash but Jake does. 🙂

Le Petit Cafe

502 Court St

Brooklyn, NY 11231


An old post, but I think auspicious enough to inaugurate my new blog, especially since in includes my favorite things: coffee, macaroons and portrait shots. 

This, I suppose, is my experiment, phrased in cloudy half-statements: the creation of another world through pictures and sleepy phrases. Like this idyllic evening in Nashville, spent with one of my closest friends. Chain or not, Provence will always remain a favorite for macaroons and new caffeinated creations.