IMG_3012.2the yawn in the morningHad to stop my brother and take some pictures of the light on his face because it was so fascinating. He could hardly keep back a yawn and so I’ve passed the contagion on to you. In my anthropology class we learned that watching someone yawn triggers the same part of your brain that is responsible for feelings of empathy. As I am a sympathetic crier (and then have to conclude that part of my brain is well-developed), I’ve been yawning the entire time while writing this post! But I hope you’ll forgive my good-natured impishness and enjoy the little study in light I did.

img_1605-2-krriverview-farms-collageimg_1697-krimg_1612-2-krimg_1610-2-krimg_1609-krimg_1611-krimg_1700-krimg_1696-2-krflowers-collageimg_1705-krHappy Halloween! Looking at any form of social media, it seems that everyone has had a crazy weekend, including myself. Not only was it pre-Halloween, but we also had Dartmouth Homecoming where we light a bonfire and watch the freshmen run around it (accept it, don’t ask) and my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at Simon Pearce (finally! So worth it.) But also, as I was on my way to class on a dreary, rainy Friday, I received an email stating that my grant application to do research in Europe was accepted! I’ll be going to Brussels and Paris over the winter break to look at manuscripts and also enjoy European Christmas like I did two years ago! I was ecstatic all weekend. So expect lots of photos in about a month and then the ensuing complaints that I am now broke because Europe is so awesome and I had to do everything.

For now, however, I’m posting photos I took when I went pumpkin and apple picking in nearby  Riverview Farms. The place was so Instagrammable you’d think they planned it. I ended up hijacking the flower-making station for an impromptu still life photo shoot, and then buying a few bouquets to decorate the house. I could talk your ears off about how much I love New England in the autumn but I think it’s better to just show you : )


Summarizing a summer in NY with all the little things I picked up, like a magpie (although to be fair the watch I got for my birthday, but after it broke a month later the amazing people at Need Supply sent me a new one). One of the things that always strikes me about big cities is how tactile everything is – all the stores, all the things one reads about online, all of that materializes in big cities in a burst of sensory overload. Meanwhile in New Hampshire…

Currently in love with my Dauphine perfume by Goest. I initially thought it would be too sweet for my taste, but then found that the macaroon (read “almond”) scent blends really well with my skin and fades delicately.

Also obsessed with Sezane’s new autumn collection and ensuing campaign inspired by the UK. The UK (and Ireland) have been on my travel list for ages and Sezane just tugs at my heartstrings with all the blouses and boots and dusky palette.

And as for what I’m reading, aside from 14th century French manuscripts (yay thesis!), I’ve picked up A Gentleman in Moscow, from a favorite author of Rules of Civility fame.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

IMG_0925.2.krPretendLe Petit Cafe CollageIs it just me, or does living in NY make everyone want to quit their day jobs and open a business? I have always personally been fascinated by the hospitality industry – so watch out world, several years down the line I may buy up a ruin in Italy and make a whole destination out of it. This destination will, of course, have a restaurant or café for the patrons. So while I finish school and “find my way,” I figure I might use my time in New York to do some necessary research for my budding dream. Enter Le Petit Café. We were actually going to Buttermilk Channel, that of Beyoncé fame, but predictably the wait was over an hour (and they don’t take reservations) so down the street we went to this charming French-style café with beautiful garden seating.

At first I was worried garden seating meant frying out in the sun while waiting for your brunch fare but no, it’s more like a greenhouse with glass paneled walls and roof that lets in light but leaves your skin UVA-free. There are pillows on the benches, like in that dream vacation home somewhere warm. Tropical plants abound and fun characters waltz by with pancakes and Belgian waffles overflowing with fruit. There’s a separate menu for juices, because it’s Brooklyn, and everything on the menu is amazing, including the chicken and artichoke quiche (not too oily or soggy, as they can sometimes be).

Definitely one to put on the Brooklyn bucket list when looking for a beautiful and relaxing place to have delicious food. Although quick tip, it’s cash only which was only mildly terrifying as I never carry cash but Jake does. 🙂

Le Petit Cafe

502 Court St

Brooklyn, NY 11231

Bronwyn Collage IMG_0718.2.krIMG_0801.2.krGarden Bronwyn Fancy BronwynMy wonderful friend Bronwyn came to visit last weekend, which of course meant I had to have an impromptu photo shoot at my favorite museum (with a whole photo story about it coming up soon). I haven’t shot portraits in a while, which is a shame as that is how I got into photography to begin with, capturing those subtle moments briefly ingrained in our faces, like traces in sand that are quickly washed away. You could say that I cheated with this one, as her gorgeous hair and amazing green eyes effortlessly lend themselves to dramatic photos but while looking through the set I realized I loved them because in all of them her gaze is so penetrating and direct and yet never identical. It’s the sort of subtlety of expression I’m a dork for.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I did taking them!