IMG_3012.2the yawn in the morningHad to stop my brother and take some pictures of the light on his face because it was so fascinating. He could hardly keep back a yawn and so I’ve passed the contagion on to you. In my anthropology class we learned that watching someone yawn triggers the same part of your brain that is responsible for feelings of empathy. As I am a sympathetic crier (and then have to conclude that part of my brain is well-developed), I’ve been yawning the entire time while writing this post! But I hope you’ll forgive my good-natured impishness and enjoy the little study in light I did.


Technically I was looking at the Green Mountains and possibly as far as the White Mountains, but they took on such a beautiful blue hue at sunset! Just a quick update in between midterms and a hectic weekend. This was from the Gile Fire Tower, a quick little hike and a steep climb to get the most amazing views of the Upper Valley. It’s a perfect getaway from the Dartmouth bubble. Expect more updates from Salem, MA (a Halloween wonderland) and Riverview Farms where I went pumpkin and apple picking today. Autumn is by far my favorite season and it seems that everyone and everything explodes in a fit of activity and color before laying low for the winter.

Hope you had a beautiful October weekend!

I feel it apt to inaugurate my official website for my blog with a little something. Old hands with their immaculate domain names might scoff at my childish glee – and I may scoff too, months down the road when this will all seem par for the course – but for now I choose to celebrate my debut into the world!

As such, I will try to post, with decent frequency, a list of things I’m in love with at the moment, or whatever good news might visit me.

  1. I have a black thumb and was the bane of all my elementary school ‘growing’ experiments, but I have always dreamed of what I don’t have, namely a green thumb. As a going away present for the summer, one of my friends gave me this lovely little cactus in a mouse-shaped planter from west elm to brighten up my NY apartment (similar here). Water once a week and be endlessly amused!
  2. I’ve been drooling over Axel & Ash’s Swept Away by Wanderlust journal since I saw Lily Rose with one. Since my summer will be spent working away in NY, I figured I could use the time to plan future trips (as weird as it sounds I love planning trips, sometimes I do it to pass the time on the subway, hopping on airbnb and then Kayak to check for flights…)
  3. Since I’m in Maine for the 4th of July weekend, it only seems appropriate to insert the NY Times article about Acadia National Park from local Alexander Chee (who also lived in Cape Elizabeth and who’s ginormously thick book I will someday read)

Gin Collage.jpgTo kick off my second weekend in the city, I thought I’d share my new obsession – gin and tonics. This was my aunt’s favorite drink back when I was first loosed upon the world of legal 18+ European partying the summer of my senior year (I had a Sex on the Beach and lots of Peach/Singapore/whatever Slings) and I have been amazed by it since. So minimalist, so good and you can eyeball the measurements. So perfect for this stressful summer.

While we’re on the note of being overly influenced by my German maternal aunt, she also put elderflower into everything – mint lemonade, champagne (which is technically a Hugo and was totally the IT drink in Europe in 2013…) –  so it’s always been associated with that hip euro vacation when I thought I was an adult.

This article suggested you spice (sweeten?) it up with syrupy tonics (and lo and behold they recommended Jack Rudy’s Elderflower Tonic) so here is my first step towards preparing for that bar/winery/speakeasy I will one day own.

Combine, in a highball glass or a mug or a bucket, in this order:

2+ oz. gin (the possibilities in your Brooklyn wine & spirits store are endless – Back River Gin and Bluecoat are nice and we have yet to try the fancy vintage-looking California gin)

.75 oz. Elderflower Tonic (or any other tonic, be fancy, be free, it’s summer and you’ll sweat off the hard alcohol calories)

as much or as little ice as you want

5 oz. tonic water

Enjoy! And let me know what other tasty combinations you come up with!

“You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way again.”   – Azar Nafisi

Currently freezing in New Hampshire after a whirlwind week of moving out and going to Mexico and coming back to start classes. I often wonder why I am so addicted to leaving – there’s not a place I’ve been to (for more than a few days) that I did not want to leave by the end. I think it’s because I’m forced to acknowledge reality while I’m physically in a place, but when I leave my natural optimism only remembers the good things and that place at that time and me at that time become a perfect dream. And so we are perfectly reborn over and over when we leave.

In other news, I’m very excited to share my trip to Mexico with you!

Happy Monday!