Postcards from Charleston

Postcards from CharlestonAngel Oak artisteIMG_3431.krIMG_3465.krIMG_3469.krIMG_3530.2.krIMG_3527.krCharleston

Invariably, once every other issue, Conde Nast World Traveler magazine will sing the praises of Charleston, SC. After so much subliminal (or not really) messaging, I had to go and see for myself! Took a few days over spring break to thaw and visit Jake in his home state, complete with 75+ degree weather and enough sunshine to make me half a shade darker. I found this to-do list from Conde Nast fairly useful, as it pointed us in the direction of Leon’s Oyster Shop on King Street – amazing seafood and poultry, Jake swears the chicken sandwich was the best he has ever had.

Other than that, we spent the day wandering King Street, the Waterfront Park with its Pineapple Fountain (I was obsessed) and the Historic District with its colorful buildings. And I almost forgot to add the Angel Oak, reported to be 400-1500 years old (Wikipedia says one thing, the actual park, another). It was a little stopover before we reached Charleston on the way from Savannah. Such a peaceful place, with dappled sunshine and branches that just beg you to film some magical/scifi movie there. Spent the rest of the break in Savannah and other parts of South Carolina, which I will post shortly, as well as a little artistic portfolio shoot I did for my friend.

Have a great weekend!

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