IMG_2529.krIMG_2501.krIMG_2503.krAmsterdam CollageIMG_2436.krIMG_2463.krJust wanted to share a few photos of my December trip to Amsterdam before I became overwhelmed with work this weekend. Unfortunately, Amsterdam was overcast every day I was there, except the day I left, of course. But it was beautiful nonetheless, especially with the annual light exhibit at almost every bridge!

I stayed in the outer canal region near De Pjip in a former brother -turned – hostel Cocomama which was about as Amsterdam as I figured I could get. The number of bikes was disorienting, especially since they all had right of way, as was the number of tall, beautiful people in muted colors. I always have this system, of going to a place once for a few days, and then, if I decide I love it,  I go back for longer. I feel like that way you get oriented the first time and can make better choices about what you want to explore when you come back. I did this with Paris, multiple times and this past time, which was my third in the city, I had a special sort of pleasure in exploring the really hidden gems I had missed the first time. The bucket list still got longer, inexplicably. So all I say to Amsterdam is that I’ll be back, maybe in time for warmer weather!