IMG_2717.krSacre Coeur CollageIMG_2701IMG_2726.krMontmartre CollageIMG_2737.krIMG_2740.krSpending the last week of my research trip in Paris has been wonderful, bringing back all sorts of memories from two years ago! I remember when I was leaving my study abroad late in 2014 I looked over the Seine at midnight and was sad I would not return again as a student, but promised I would be back – and here I am, and luckily still a student! Montmartre is one of those places in the city that keeps drawing me in, despite the uphill hikes! First of all the Sacre Coeur is amazingly beautiful and ethereal but I like the pulsating vibe that I can only imagine feels like the old Paris of the artistic Belle Epoque. I was also here on a mission, having seen several painting two years ago that I wanted to buy. I did not find the exact ones, obviously, but fell in love with another one that I will be bringing home and framing!

As I spend most of my days at the library, I took the opportunity of the weekend to explore the city with a visiting friend. Finally knocked a few things off the bucketlist, like Fontainebleau and the Canal St. Martin and the delicious Eclairs de Genie. Hope you enjoy!

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