img_2061-2-krimg_2068-krimg_2078-krimg_2065-2-krimg_2089-krimg_2098-krA quick snapshot of one of my first days in Brussels. I mentioned a while ago I had received a grant to do some research in Europe so off I go for a month, mostly based in Brussels and Paris, but with a few side trips and time to see family tacked on! It still feels surreal to me that I’m here, especially since only this summer I was thinking of going to the Benelux for the winter. Santa/the Universe have really outdone themselves for me this year, for which I am eternally grateful.

I’m staying in a beautiful airbnb about half an hour walk from the center and I’ve been using my walks to explore the city, like this beautiful Parc du Cinquantenaire near the EU quarter. The arch took decades to build (missed the 500 year anniversary by a lot…) but is absolutely beautiful when lit up in the morning and during sunset. If you go to the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History, you can even go up on the arch for beautiful city views. Around the corner you can also find Maison Cauchie, which is an amazing Art Nouveau building you can enjoy without even going inside (it’s only open the first weekend of every month, which I think is unfortunate for those visiting at any other time).

More little snapshots to come, or else I’ll be absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of photos I have to edit! Otherwise, my Instagram is always current (see bottom of page)!

Have a lovely Wednesday!