Summarizing a summer in NY with all the little things I picked up, like a magpie (although to be fair the watch I got for my birthday, but after it broke a month later the amazing people at Need Supply sent me a new one). One of the things that always strikes me about big cities is how tactile everything is – all the stores, all the things one reads about online, all of that materializes in big cities in a burst of sensory overload. Meanwhile in New Hampshire…

Currently in love with my Dauphine perfume by Goest. I initially thought it would be too sweet for my taste, but then found that the macaroon (read “almond”) scent blends really well with my skin and fades delicately.

Also obsessed with Sezane’s new autumn collection and ensuing campaign inspired by the UK. The UK (and Ireland) have been on my travel list for ages and Sezane just tugs at my heartstrings with all the blouses and boots and dusky palette.

And as for what I’m reading, aside from 14th century French manuscripts (yay thesis!), I’ve picked up A Gentleman in Moscow, from a favorite author of Rules of Civility fame.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

IMG_1068.krIMG_1017.krIMG_1023.krFort Williams Lighthouse Pathways CollageGolden Blue Light CollageIMG_1021.krIMG_1036.krIMG_1050.2.krIMG_1056.2.krRecently I’ve been in Maine sans WiFi, like some free “un-plugging” vacation surrounded by beautiful nature. After returning from New York, I bee-lined to Fort Williams Park, it’s like a detox ritual for me after the pollution and crowds. Years of Instagramming have given me a sixth sense for when “the golden hour,” that magical time that every photographer swears by, is nigh. Like wine and black jeans, it makes everything look better and so I give you Fort Williams and my favorite lighthouse at the prettiest time of day. Eventually you all might get tired of it, but I think I never will, it’s always such a peaceful place for me.

Anyway, back to my “un-plugged” staycation – it’s been perfect, and an amazing excuse not to answer emails before school starts.  A few days ago I returned from a trip to Bar Harbor and the surrounding Acadia National Park and it was nothing short of amazing. Photos and another essay on hiking and biking and braving the wilderness in lulu will soon follow (but you can glimpse some of the things I’ve seen on my Instagram).

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!